Bart Kuipers is a hybrid writer and multimedia storyteller from The Netherlands living in Berlin. His latest work is a mixed media poetry installation showcased by Ars Electronica in Austria. His fiction has appeared in magazines in The Netherlands and The United States and his screenplays have been produced for Dutch and German public television.

  • Shared Futures

    Shared Futures

    Shared Futures is a multimedia poetry experience that addresses the colonial past between Ghana and The Netherlands. It consists of a mixed media art installation and an AR experience in which poetry, co-created with the local community in Elmina (Ghana), is layered on the walls of Elmina Castle, the oldest colonial building in Sub-Saharan Africa…



    My poem WHAT_IS_LOST was published by Volume Poetry! “What is Lost” is an executable code poem: a poem written in code, readable for non programmers, but executable on the command line of any Linux or Mac OSX computer. The poem reflects on how human minds have been transformed into sources of data collection and have…

  • Shared Futures

    Shared Futures

    The past two months Paul Akrofie and I have been working together on our project Shared Futures in which we seek to decolonize spaces in both Ghana and The Netherlands through community-led digital interventions in order to empower local communities in Elmina and Amsterdam. Last week we organized the Shared Futures Lab workshop in Elmina…

  • Founding Lab part 2

    Founding Lab part 2

    Very excited to be a part of the Founding Lab Fall Term of the Institute of Digital Sciences Austria (IDSA) and Ars Electronica. Together with 24 peers, 21 fellows, facilitators, members of the Ars Electronica Future Lab, and other inspiring people I will be exploring and creating new work on the social, political, and technical…

  • Interview for Ars Electronica

    Interview for Ars Electronica

    During the Ars Electronica Festival I had the chance to interview Taiwanese artist Chiaochi Chou about her work “Synplant” that she presented in the Becoming Different exhibition, a part of the Gardens Exhibition, curated by the Yasuaki Kakehi Lab and The University of Tokyo (JP). Photo: Read the interview here

  • Founding Lab

    Founding Lab

    I’m proud to be a part of the summer school of the FOUNDING LAB this year in Linz, Austria: “a collaborative effort between the Institute of Digital Sciences Austria (IDSA) and Ars Electronica. Its aim is to identify, develop, and present new areas, approaches, and formats that address the challenges of digital transformation. “ As a…

  • Augmented Poetry: “The Machine Who”

    Augmented Poetry: “The Machine Who”

    I’ve created the first prototype of an augmented poem: poetry with a layer of augmented reality(AR) that alters the meaning of the text. A poem, projected on a wall, or printed in a book, or displayed on a monitor, can be viewed through a smartphone where blanks left in the original text are filled in,…

  • Rabbit Academy

    Rabbit Academy

    The coming year I will be putting my rabbit ears on to write scripts for Rabbit Academy! This new children’s animation series is produced by Akkord Film for SWR, NDR, HR, and Kika (the children’s television portal of ARD and ZDF.) I’m extra excited, since it will be my first production in Germany. Inspirationals by…

  • infinite_loop


    My code poem infinite_loop was published by Volume Poetry Read it here, and check out the latest edition of Volume, volume 3 issue 1!

  • Robots Reloaded

    Robots Reloaded

    Together with visual artist and designer Omer Polak, I worked on the Robots Feast, a show of 50 robots, dancing a choreography, interacting, and serving food to a hungry audience at the Martini Festival. The work was a continuation of Omer’s early Dancing Dishes installation presented at the LaZuz design exhibition in 2019 and again…

  • My interview with Chad Davidson on AGNI’s blog

    My interview with Chad Davidson on AGNI’s blog

    For literary magazine AGNI, located in Boston, I interviewed author and poet Chad Davidson about his contribution for AGNI magazine 86, “Mutatis Mutandis” (read it here)

  • The Apple Core (Het Klokhuis)

    The Apple Core (Het Klokhuis)

    For the Dutch educational children’s show “Het Klokhuis” (The Apple Core) I wrote the sketch The Sandman to accompany the episode about Sand-sculpturing. It was aired by Dutch public television (NTR). The Apple Core is a monument of Dutch public television and has been running for over 25 years. It aims to educate children between the ages of six and twelve about…

  • Teaching in India

    Teaching in India

    This year, like last year, I will teach the course “Creative Writing” at the UPES School for Design. We will focus on storytelling for designers of the master Graphic Design. The course is a collaboration between The University of Europe and UPES India.

  • Code Poetry

    Code Poetry

    I started a new project, codename Code Poetry, in which I explore the parallels between writing code and writing poetry, in form and content as well as in the thought process that precedes the writing. Read more about it here and read my first code poem, entitled Infinite Loop, published by Volume Poetry!

  • On The Air

    On The Air

    Last week I was a guest on Fetewei Tarekegn’s radio show The Minority Report. We discussed the sense and nonsense of dating in Berlin in the Tinder era. The Minority Report is a monthly show on Reboot FM hosted by Fetewei Tarekegn, recorded at Acud Macht Neu in Berlin.