Studio Smartass

From 2016 to 2021 I was a staff writer on the Dutch children’s live action show Studio Smartass (in Dutch “Studio Snugger”). In a glamorous show format, complete with lit staircase, and smoking, scientific concepts are examined by experts who sometimes seem to be way out there, and sometimes seem to talk complete nonsense. But are their claims true? Is cotton candy really produced by a spider? Can spinach plants send emails? Do old paintings have cracks in them because of loud talking of visitors?

Studio Smartass (in Dutch “Studio Snugger”) was produced by NTR Dutch public television.

Each topic starts off with an urgent question of a viewer, after which the host, Simon Smartass, invites an expert to the studio to answer the question. However, the expert’s answer isn’t always accurate and it’s up to Simon, together with the live audience, to call the expert out when they are talking nonsense.

Some of my 21 contributions to the show

Episode 78 – Astronaut’s Drink (min. 4:00) | “What do astronauts drink?” is the central question of this sketch. Of course it is hard to believe it when guest scientist Neil Not-So-Strong claims they drink their own urine! Yuck!

(Read the (translated) screenplay)

Episode 100 – Crackles | “Why do you have to be quiet in a museum?” So the paint of the paintings doesn’t crack, claims Hendrique Pencille, a doubtful museum director explains.

Episode 74 – Super Special Spinage | “Can spinage plants send emails?” Of course not, says Sam Smartass immediately until farmer Gus Grower proves the opposite.