Bart Kuipers is an experienced screenwriter with 13 years of experience writing screenplays for film, television, and corporate movies. For the last eight years he has specialized in writing for children. His screenplays have been produced for Dutch and German public television.

  • Rabbit Academy

    Rabbit Academy

    Screenwriting – Since 2023 I’m writing episodes for the animation series “Rabbit Academy”. This new children’s series is produced by Akkord Film for KiKa (the children’s television portal of ARD and ZDF.) SWR, NDR, and HR. I’m excited, since it will be my first production in Germany. Inspirationals by Heiko Hentschel / Character Design by…

  • The Apple Core

    The Apple Core

    “The Apple Core” (in Dutch “Het Klokhuis”) is an institute of Dutch children’s television and has been aired every week-day since 1988. Each episode is a mini-documentary about any topic that might be of interest for children between seven and twelve, from extraterrestrial life to bullying in school to medieval sword forging. The three parts…

  • Studio Smartass

    Studio Smartass

    From 2016 to 2021 I was a staff writer on the Dutch children’s live action show Studio Smartass (in Dutch “Studio Snugger”). In a glamorous show format, complete with lit staircase, and smoking, scientific concepts are examined by experts who sometimes seem to be way out there, and sometimes seem to talk complete nonsense. But…